Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorneys

                          The lawyers at Hankey Law Office are committed to helping people who have been hurt in a truck accident, whether they were a driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or passenger. Big rig trucks can cause life-altering accidents that, due to their sheer size, often prove to be fatal. Our firm has a combined experience of almost eight decades fighting truck companies and their insurance companies who don’t want to accept responsibility or pay the victims that they hurt. We are not afraid to stand up against the major trucking companies that seek to use their huge resources to keep money out of the pockets of people who need it most after an accident.

                          You cannot fight large trucking companies on your own. An experienced Indianapolis truck accident attorney can help you understand your rights and pursue an injury claim to get the compensation that you are owed. You should not have to shoulder the burden of costly medical bills, therapy expenses, lost wages, and other costs that you have incurred through no fault of your own. You may be entitled to fair and just compensation that will help you recover, rebuild, and move on with your life. The injury lawyers of Hankey Law Office have helped others in Indianapolis recover the compensation they needed, and we are ready to help you. Contact us at (317) 634-8565, fill out a contact form, or chat with us live to schedule your consultation today.

                          Do I need an attorney?

                          If you or a family member was hit by an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck, you have every right to hire legal counsel to help you file an injury claim. In today’s complicated legal system, having an attorney represent your interests is essential. Insurance companies don’t play fair. They have large legal teams of their own who deal with claims like these every day. You will likely be unable to get a fair settlement without an experienced attorney on your side.?When you call the truck accident attorneys at Hankey Law Office, we will listen to you and explain your rights and your options. Don’t waste another day worrying about your future; we’ll work hard to make sure that you get the compensation you need to put this tragic accident behind you and move on with your life.

                          Why choose Hankey Law Office?

                          Our experience is in fighting for our friends and neighbors in Indiana who have been hurt in a collision with a large commercial vehicle. We the resources you need on your side to win your personal injury case, plus decades of fighting on behalf clients just like you. There is a reason why so many people in Indianapolis have trusted our firm with their truck accident cases, and we are ready to show you why. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience helping people just like you across the state of Indiana, and our reputation has been built on trust and results. We will not rest until you get the compensation you need to take care of yourself and your family. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation today.

                          What kind of truck accidents do we see the most of?

                          While each and every one of the cases we see is unique, we have handled many claims against big trucking companies and their insurance carriers including:

                          If you have been hurt in an accident caused by any of the factors above or a different reason altogether, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable member of our team today.

                          Frequently Asked Questions

                          Following an accident, it’s important that you get answers to your questions as quickly as possible, so we’ve included a few common questions that we receive. Many of these questions must be answered broadly because every case is unique, so if you don’t see your question below, or it is insufficiently answered for your case, contact us at (317) 634-8565 to set up an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

                          How much money can I be awarded?

                          This is nearly impossible to answer without knowing all of the details of your case. When you seek money for your injuries, there are many damages you may seek?compensation for. This includes your medical bills, both present, and future, determined by whether you need follow-ups, therapy, or even future complications that may lead to additional injury. One other damage we could seek is from time lost from work. This either includes the hours of work you missed from the accident and hospital time alone, adding time if you need to recover, and adding even more damages if you may never be able to return to your job. Pain and suffering are two non-material damages that you may be able to seek as well. It’d be best to discuss your specific situation with an attorney.

                          When should I contact your firm?

                          Immediately after you have received medical attention and are able to contact us. Call us and we will get to work on your behalf. Don’t sign anything or give any official statements to any insurance companies until you have spoken with us. You need both a consultant and a spokesperson when the time is right. Insurance companies are famous for using your words against you, and everything that you are talking about will be noted in their files. Call us now so that we can be by your side through the claims process and can handle the phone calls, paperwork, and other tasks while you focus on what is most important: your recovery.

                          How much does hiring your law firm cost?

                          There is no money down to hire us in personal injury cases. Unlike civil cases, such as divorces, where it is customary to pay an attorney before the work even gets started, in accident cases, we are paid at the end. Our fees are only collected if we secure compensation for you. If you don’t win, then neither do we.

                          Contact Us

                          The injury attorneys of Hankey Law Office are ready to put our resources and experience to work for you. When it comes to truck accident claims, we know what it takes to build a persuasive case on your behalf. We will work with experts to prove that you were not at fault. We will look at the trucking company’s records, hiring practices, and training documents. We will ask for every bit of information that will form the basis of your case. By handling as many cases as we have over the years, we know what to look for and understand the laws that help you. If you don’t call?an attorney, then you might not secure the compensation that you are owed. Call us at?(317) 634-8565 to get started on your case today.